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The Path to Happiness and Prosperity in a 100-Year Life

Mathar:The Path to Happiness and Prospe
Autor: Thomas Mathar / Daniel Crosby / Luisa Rachbauer
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Artikelnummer: 2646912
ISBN / EAN: 9783967392104

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Security and Satisfaction in the 100-Year Life

In the past, life often followed a clear plan: first we learned, then we worked, and finally we retired. Today, it's different. Our lives unfold in many stages. We start with an education and often have not just one, but several careers one after the other. Along the way, we continually learn anew, take breaks (or are forced into breaks), take care of our families, or recover from difficult times. Retirement often comes later and not so suddenly anymore.

This multi-faceted life presents us with financial challenges, but above all, mental challenges. This guidebook shows how we can make better decisions for a fulfilling and long life. It's not just about being financially secure for today and tomorrow, but also about leading a life with meaning and joy. At its core is an approach that combines smart financial planning with the right money mindset and emotional intelligence. But the key to a successful 100-year life is self-awareness. It's an indispensable asset without which a balanced and satisfying 100-year life, which combines financial security, a sense of purpose, and joy, is difficult to achieve.

With a foreword by New York Times best-selling author Daniel Crosby and illustrations by Louisa Rachbauer.


Autor Verlag GABAL
ISBN / EAN 9783967392104 Bindung Taschenbuch

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