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Autor: Stefan Wachtel
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ISBN / EAN: 9783000660320

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The way we build speeches, answers, and written texts determines their effect. A well-structured speech can be short and concise, and a key sentence defined in advance will help you to speak to the point. Forget about box structures, lines of uniform length, mind-map-style speaking, soulless pyramids:To reverse the pyramid is transformational. Reversing the usual information pyramid offers personal access to the audience and a broad, high-altitude view from the start. Arguments are substantial and end with a strong punch point. Such funnel modules that move from broader picture to strong conclusion foster persuasiveness. The punch point principle is the essence of any effective speech or answer; truly simple, yet a revelation. Stefan Wachtel presents a scientifically foundedprinciple that has been applied for many years by top managers, politicians, passenger pilots and TV presenters. A series of two-day REVERSED PYRAMID BRIEFINGS ® in London, Lugano, Frankfurt and Buenos Aires will begin with this book.


Autor Verlag Wachtel
ISBN / EAN 9783000660320 Bindung Hardcover

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