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Rider of the Black Sun

Harder:Rider of the Black Sun
Autor: Swen Harder / Fufu Frauenwahl
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Veröffentlicht am: 10.12.2018
Artikelnummer: 2106815
ISBN / EAN: 9783961880812

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You are an Ugarith, a master of the night, with no remembrance of your origin or past life, waking up after committing a disastrous bloody deed... Being hunted and outcast, you now have to fight for your way to freedom, while you discover your superhuman powers and finally fulfil your sacred duty - bringing back the world from the edge of oblivion. Whether the Ugarith is destined for a happy, neutral or bleak end depends solely on the decisions you make, for this is no ordinary novel, this is a Fantasy Gamebook! With more than 1,400 sections, RIDER OF THE BLACK SUN is one of the biggest gamebooks ever published. It sets new standards with a completely unique approach to section reference and replayability. Special features include: Finding hidden bonus sections, epic boss fights taking place in their own unique chapter, detailed combats, and complex puzzles! Received the RPC FANTASY AWARD and the GERMAN ROLEPLAYING AWARD of the Jury.


Autor Verlag Mantikore Verlag
ISBN / EAN 9783961880812 Bindung Hardcover

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