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Spin Out

Spin Out
Autor: Jamey Franciscus Modestus
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ISBN / EAN: 9786137939031

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A spin-out, also known as a spin-off or a starburst, refers to a type of corporate action where a company "splits off" sections of itself as a separate business. The common definition of spin-out is when a division of a company or organization becomes an independent business. The "spin-out" company takes assets, intellectual property, technology, and/or existing products from the parent organization. Many times the management team of the new company are from the same parent organization. Often, a spin-out offers the opportunity for a division to be backed by the company but not be affected by the parent company's image or history, giving potential to take existing ideas that had been languishing in an old environment and help them grow in a new environment.


Autor Verlag Betascript Publishing
ISBN / EAN 9786137939031 Bindung Taschenbuch

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