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Digital-to-Analog Conversion in High Resolution Audio

Lokken:Digital-to-Analog Conversion in
Autor: Ivar Lokken
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The requirements for high resolution audio circuits§are characterized by extremely high dynamic range and§relatively low signal frequencies. For§digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters§this implies special challenges related to the very§high resolution needed in the converter design. The§dominant design paradigm for audio converters is§delta-sigma modulation, a process in which speed is§traded for resolution through the means of§oversampling and noise-shaping.§Analysis of delta-sigma modulation is non-trivial and§publications are often highly theoretical, requiring§advanced mathematical skills to understand. Practical§circuit design is usually based on rules of thumb,§and bridging it with complex delta-sigma theory can§be challenging and time consuming. This book seeks to§bridge the gap between theory and design rules, and§to offer simplified estimates and performance§predictions that will allow designers to make§qualified design trade-offs in an easier manner. It§is based on the Ph.D. work of the author and consists§of six peer reviewed publications, in addition to a§preceding monograph which presents the context and§theoretical overview to understand their contents.


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