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Sports Participation & Development of Desirable SocioCultural Traits

Jamil:Sports Participation & Developmen
Autor: Asif Jamil
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ISBN / EAN: 9783844388190

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A civilized society adheres to its established sociocultural values and legal philosophy. Many institutions play effective role in the process of socialization whereas role of sports being a most popular, dynamic, powerful and far reaching institution is quite significant in this respect. Interestingly in Pakistan and neighboring Countries there was once a belief based on an adage mere education can win status in society whereas sport is nothing but just wastage of time that spoils the life of its participant but with the passage of time a visible change came in cerebrations and attitudes, hence notably the official slogan of South Asian Federation Games (SAF Games) held in Pakistan in 1988 was DOSTI KEY RESHTAY KHELON KEY NATAY i.e. friendship through sport. Promotion of sports substantially depends upon the mindset of stakeholders and their perceptions regarding the upshots of sports participation. The minors usually follow the footprints of their family, Parents and the Teachers. Most of the children seek consent of their parents for taking part in some activity, whereas mostly the parents do the career designing of their children.


Autor Verlag LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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