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The UK Intellectual Property Office: An exploration of change

Roderick:The UK Intellectual Property O
Autor: Robert Roderick
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639769067

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The implementation of "agencification" by the UK Government from 1979 onwards brought wide ranging changes in structure and in the manner of the delivery of services. These changes reflected a desire for a more accountable, managerially orientated, economic, efficient and effective way for services to be delivered to the public. Post 1979 agencies emphasised operational performance and a management of results approach with decision-making powers. The research identifies factors related and unrelated to agency status that brought change in the UK Intellectual Property Office from a general, policy, performance, strategy and management perspective. Conclusions are drawn of change and the factors of most influence with reasoning believed to be behind change and continuity. People who will find the book interesting are those people in organisations with an interest in organisational change and a responsibility for policy, performance, strategy and management and those who wish to assess their organisations based upon the two new dimensional strategic tools, emanating from the research, to improve performance, determine strategic direction and build a successful organisation.


Autor Verlag Scholar's Press
ISBN / EAN 9783639769067 Bindung Taschenbuch

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