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Sustainable Land-Use Planning

Deal:Sustainable Land-Use Planning
Autor: Brian Deal
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639060287

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Approaches to sustainable land use planning have§evolved in two discreet directions. One is§process-oriented that develops community-wide§consensus on the problems and definitions of§progress. The other is more technology driven and§uses planning support systems (PSS) to identify§issues and manage complex information. §While process-oriented approaches help garner§communal support in determining a future vision, it§may be cumbersome its ability to test alternative§futures and impacts. A technologically based§approach helps to codify issues and process§information, but requires more rigorous data and§analysis. And while it can test potential future§scenarios, it must also be clear enough to provide a§communally supported vision for the future.§While the approaches appear contradictory, possible§benefits can be found in their convergence. Others§have suggested that PSS?s exist that can help to§inform and support the visioning process. Can the§visioning process in turn be used to improve the§relevance and legitimacy of PSSs? This book argues§that in order to truly operationalize sustainable§planning ideals we should consider a strategy that§integrates process and technology.


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