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Quality for E-learning

Chiome:Quality for E-learning
Autor: Chrispen Chiome / Primrose Kurasha
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Artikelnummer: 920198
ISBN / EAN: 9783844394429

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E-learning has become a mainstay in the educational milieu.The exponential growth of information has made it imperative for learning to happen quickly. This book taps on the networked technologies and wireless devices to transform education through quality. Online instructors and providers who continually seek methods to engage students in the learning process with technology at the forefront, will find this book as a useful companion. One of this book's objectives is to establish a long lasting mark on quality for e-learning because the perceived lack of quality is recognised by many as an inhibiting factor for the expansion of e-learning. The existence of a reference textbook on quality for e-learning might, it is strongly believed, contribute to strengthening cross-country confidence in the quality of e-learning, and serve as a reference worldwide.The future of all institutions engaged in online learning, e-learning and web based learning lies on the quality of programmes and courses that they are offering.


Autor Verlag Dictus Publishing
ISBN / EAN 9783844394429 Bindung Taschenbuch

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