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The impact of initiation ceremony on women

Chama:The impact of initiation ceremony
Autor: Grace Chama
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The aim of the study was to examine the extent to which values and norms that are taught during initiation benefit women. The other aim was to discover those values that contributed to the infringement of women s rights. It was discovered that a number of issues are taught to the girls during the initiation rite. Values like respect towards the elderly people and men, keeping their marriages by respecting their husbands and taking good care of them, having self discipline, how to provide hygiene, food taboos, hospitality and how to take care of babies. The findings also indicated that the initiated girls have little freedom of expression while in seclusion. Sometimes, they are beaten up, mistreated and they are not suppose to say a word or object to that. However, most girls appreciated the teachings, as the things learnt help them in their marriage and life afterwards. If the various recommendations made are taken into consideration, then the rite will be sustainable and adopted by many cultures and traditions that have been practicing it.


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