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Autor: Mike Carter
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Artikelnummer: 917643
ISBN / EAN: 9783845446318

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As the final echoes of war fade a catastrophic explosion rocks a desert landscape destroying all traces of a covert operation, the explosion is attributed to a meteor impact and soon forgotten. July as a expedition is assigned to recover an Artefact, a traitor infiltrates the camp, code named Gatherer his mission is to sabotage the operation. Years pass, and a fragile state of peace escalates out of control, bringing the Americans and Russians back to the negotiating table. The talks break down and Vladimir Garishenko alone and afraid, must revisit his past in order to protect the future. But the old man is not alone on his journey. The agent code-named Gatherer will stop at nothing to recover the Artefact. Across a continent in the leafy suburbs of an American city, Nathan and his wife Shelley are drawn into the world of espionage propelling them across an Ocean, forcing Nathan to fulfil his father s legacy.From an encounter with a timber wolf, on a snow bound Russian street. To the beautiful but deadly Roshenka. From the first shot fired to the final thrust of a deadly blade. Each player destined to take a path that will change their lives forever


Autor Verlag JustFiction Edition
ISBN / EAN 9783845446318 Bindung Taschenbuch

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