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Folk Games in Raya

Zinabu:Folk Games in Raya
Autor: Tesfaye Mesele Zinabu
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Artikelnummer: 887171
ISBN / EAN: 9783639284973

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Folk games are part of the life of a society. They have been used as a means of entertaining and educating for children as well as adults. With their governing principles, ways of playing, folk games can teach children different values such as honesty, cooperation, working together for achieving a common goal, and democracy. Adults can improve the games and make use of them in different entertaining contexts such as sports activities. Improvising folk games for educational purposes could also be an important step in enhancing the context of school education and helping our students to have authentic and enjoyable experiences. Children at KG and elementary level are assumed to benefit more from this improvisation. Integrating them with different syllabus in appropriate contexts could give an inspiring experience for children. So, this book is assumed to give an important insight in how we can improvise folk games and integrate them for educational purposes. Sports departments can also use the collected folk games for creating improvised games. Besides, it can be used as a step for further research in the area.


Autor Verlag VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
ISBN / EAN 9783639284973 Bindung Taschenbuch

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