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When in Germany, do as the Germans do

Flippo,H.:When in Germany,do as.German.
Autor: Hyde Flippo
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager.
Veröffentlicht am: 11.09.2002
Artikelnummer: 858929
ISBN / EAN: 9780844225531

Verfügbarkeit: sofort lieferbar

17,10 €
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Enjoy Germany and its culture without feeling like a Dummkopf §§Do you want to blend in when visiting Berlin? To feel like you belong in Bavaria? When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do makes it simple! If you long to navigate the narrow streets of an Alpine village unnoticed or go to a movie in Munich without turning heads, transform yourself from a typical tourist into a connoisseur of culture. With this crash course in German customs and heritage, you'll avoid embarrassing blunders and enrich your travel experience.§§Packed with almost one hundred articles, this handy collection of cultural dos and don'ts covers a broad range of topics, including food, art, pop culture, politics, business, entertainment, home life, history, and education. In these pages, you'll find authoritative answers to questions such as:§§At a restaurant, should I find my own table or wait to be seated?§What is a suitable topic for small talk with a stranger in Germany?§Are gas stations open on Sundays?§What Goethe novel swept the world in the 1770s?§Where do Germans get their fascination with the American Wild West?§Can I use an ATM card in Germany? §With light-hearted quizzes, cool Internet addresses, and up-to-date insights into all aspects of German culture, When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do will delight everyone from students and tourists to armchair travelers and trivia buffs.§


Autor Verlag McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN / EAN 9780844225531 Bindung Taschenbuch

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