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Catholicism in Tigray: a Historical Survey to 1937

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Ethiopia is one of the earliest countries of Sub-Saharan Africa to have implanted Christianity with its distinct traditions, particularly in the northern parts, such as Tigray. Notwithstanding, in this region, it also experienced European missionary works with its multifaceted characters distinct from the experiences of other African countries. European missionaries did not come to preach Christianity as a new faith, rather for "reunion" or "correcting" the existing Christian Church. Politics was instrumental in maintaining the Catholic missions in Tigray, but the foundation was laid up by the Ethiopian state, not Europe. Besides, it argued that, conversion to Catholicism was not paralleled by change in identity; the success of the Catholic missionary works in Tigray was the result of enculturation and adaptation. Thus, the book addressed issues on the motives and strategies of the Catholic missionary works, their interaction with the native people and government, and the nature of their political meddling in internal and foreign affairs of the state, with a particular reference to Tigray in the periods between 1838 and 1937.


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