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Margreiter:SERAPIS 2 Ecore
Autor: Gerald Margreiter
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639867824

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As the approach of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is becoming mainstream in modern software development practices, there is a growing variety of tools to support the lifecycle of modeling artifacts. Standards such as Meta-Object Facility (MOF) defined by the Object Management Group (OMG) help to avoid information loss when trying to integrate multiple modeling tools across their technical boundaries. The proprietary Eclipse-based modeling tool SERAPIS defines a meta-language which is not compliant to MOF or any other modeling standard. As a consequence, metamodels specified in this meta-language and therefore also the instantiations of these metamodels cannot be interchanged with existing tools based on standards such as MOF which results in a vendor-lock. The contribution of this master thesis is to develop a transformation approach allowing to translate metamodels and models from the SERAPIS technical space to the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), which employs the meta-language Ecore as the de facto standard corresponding to MOF. To achieve this a semi-automatic transformation approach for metamodels is applied which is based on mapping the corresponding meta-languages.


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