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Current challenges linked to the EU health claim Regulation

Kämpfer:Current challenges linked to th
Autor: Angela Kämpfer
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Today's Europe is confronted with a growing problem of nutrition related disease patterns. In this context, Functional Foods are presented as a new perspective to improve the main state of health within the European Union. But this approach may be criticised due to several reasons: The Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, which shall control the use of health claims on functional products shows several uncertainties. In the past, that lead to problems caused by individual interpretations and unsolved distribution of responsibility. But also the financial dimension of this food segment is difficult. It is questionable, whether Functional Foods and thereby the beneficial health effects are affordable for every consumer in the European Union. A for the purpose of this thesis constructed calculation's results support the assumption that functional products are mainly aimed at higher-income households by now. An even more controversially discussed dimension is the actual health impact of those products. Using the example of cholesterol lowering to prevent cardiovascular disease, the necessity of Functional Foods as part of a general nutrition is critically discussed and after all questioned.


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