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A glimpse of the femininity on her writing

Karimi:A glimpse of the femininity on h
Autor: Zahra Karimi
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Females comprising at least half of the humanity were ignored and kept silent until they were recognized by feminists, encompassing Woolf, Kristeva, Cixous. In the past, the writers as well as readers were considered men, so everything was seen from men's eye and they judged over everything based on their own criteria. Looking for sexual equality, as a cultural, social, economic, political movement, feminism tries to change the power relations between men and women, called patriarchy. This movement seeks to free itself from patriarchal notion by exposing clichés, stereotypes, and negative images of women; rediscovering female authors; reading males works from a woman's point of view; defining themselves by their own standards rather than men's standards; discovering male's canon leading to their inferiority and creating an image true to themselves. As a contemporary female activist, Lillian Hellman whose female counterparts have undertaken social and physical oppression at the hands of male as well as men, is fascinated in creating a world in which males and females, whites as well as blacks interact with each other.


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