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Accounting for Pension Liabilities

Brugger:Accounting for Pension Liabilit
Autor: Katrin Brugger
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639242027

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This book presents the US pension system and its development which is described by an overview of accounting standards and regulation boards and by comparing those to the International Financial Reporting Standard. The ideas of future pension plans and payments are underlined by an analysis of the demographic development in the US. Major pension plans are presented and information on: how participation is made, what kinds of benefits arise and who is eligible for those, is given. In addition, some other plans are shortly mentioned. Also, the protection of defined benefit plans is described. A focus on the practical part of the book is presented by calculation examples on the above mentioned topics. It also includes a case study about United Airlines and their defined benefit pension plans. A microeconomic point of view is introduced: the Principal-Agent-Theory in combination with pension plans. The influence of different pension plans on a company s financial statement is illustrated and regulations on how the different pension payments and liabilities have to be listed in the statements are defined and which additional information has to be provided for any interested party.


Autor Verlag VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
ISBN / EAN 9783639242027 Bindung Taschenbuch

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