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Effects of Alcohol Advertisement among Tertiary Students

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Autor: Anish Dev / Smitha Geetha
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Consumption among the under-aged is a big problem. As a result of their excessive drinking, many drink for the sake of getting drunk, which results in risky and unruly behavior. The main issue is that alcoholic beverage marketers have intensified their targeting of underage drinkers in recent years, introducing a variety of inexpensive new products, such as designer drinks, alcoholic "energy" drinks and premixed cocktails, with recipes and packaging designed to appeal the young people. Celebrity endorsements, media, portrayals and frequency of exposure are among the main attributes towards this study. After, an analysis was conducted based on the gathered data in order to justify if the notion of advertising has a high amount of influence towards underage alcohol consumption. The data consisted of 250 students on a private university through an online questionnaire. There were students of multiple nationalities and the students must have consumed alcohol before the age of 18 to consider their entry as valid in this study.


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