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The Potential of Teleradiology for Entrepreneurial Activities

Raven:The Potential of Teleradiology fo
Autor: Michael Raven
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Due to the demographic shift and substantial improvements in image processing, the demand for diagnostic imaging, the most important subcategory of radiology, is continuously increasing. In total, the diagnostic imaging market is forecasted to a volume of $100 billion in 2009 only in the United States. Standard network technologies and standardized image data have opened an opportunity window with regard to teleradiology. This book assesses the potential of teleradiology in Germany using Grichnik`s opportunity map as a conceptual approach. A judgment about the pros and cons of teleradiology is made from a medical perspective as well as through a cost/benefit analysis. It can be concluded that teleradiology has some drawbacks which need to be overcome, e.g. a strict legal environment and enabling technology. However, among others a case study on Teleradiology Solutions Inc. strongly supports the evidence that the opportunity can be exploited and the risks of founding a teleradiology company are outweighed by the benefits. Michael Raven wrote an interdisciplinary paper which addresses management, doctors and entrepreneurs in the area of radiology.


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