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Geology and Mineral Resources of Khashrang-Watak area of central Nepal

Paudyal:Geology and Mineral Resources o
Autor: Lok Bijaya Adhikary /Kabiraj Paudyal / Kabiraj Paudyal
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The present study area is a small part of Lesser Himalaya in central Nepal. It is a fold-and-thrust belt in the Himalaya. From the view point of mineral resources, the Lesser Himalaya is considered potential for metallic (copper, lead, zinc, iron, gold etc) and non-metallic deposits (limestone, magnesite, phosphorite, carbon, coal etc). Geological research and mineral exploration in a country is a continuous process. New knowledge and insights are added by every new research which helps further to locate and exploit new mineral resources. Keeping these views in mind, a research work was carried out in the present area with the aim of mapping the extension and distribution of mineral resources of the Tanahun district in between Khasrang and Watak area . As a result, iron, copper, carbon and green marble deposits are found and mapped these resources in detail.Geological control and genesis of mineralization has been described systematically. We hope the presently prepared geological map and data related to geology and mineral resources will be helpful to the students, researchers, planners and miners who belong to geology and mining.


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