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Yearning more earning?

DAS:Yearning more earning?
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One could be a superb technician, a highly proficient physician, an excellent artisan, a very progressive agriculturist, but when he is to commercialize his profession for survival in the society with due honor and dignity, he needs an element of business acumen. It therefore becomes necessary for him to acquire the knowledge of Business Management, so that he can continue to render services to the society, simultaneously benefiting him. Time Management', one of the elementary concepts of Business Management is of immense use to the entrepreneurs, small & medium scale industrialists, contractors, event managers, traders, professionals, Government officials and even for day-to-day life management. The intention of this book is that the concept should play at the back of the minds of the readers in order to prompt them to save their valuable time for better uses. The book will also be educative to serious readers and thinkers to use the tool of Time Management' in their small business activities through designing of Time Management Networks for which the list of activities, estimated activity periods and precedence relationships of the activities are the basic requirements.


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