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Qualities of The Ideal Teacher in The 21st Century

Odufowokan:Qualities of The Ideal Teach
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Teaching has been known from time immemorial as a noble profession, to this extent teachers world- over have been perceived to be role models to young up-coming ones within and outside their vicinity. Schools happen to be the workshop for teachers to practice and show-case what they can do, the extent to which they can perform wonders with the material resources they have, though very meager. A lot is expected from every teacher as parents shift their responsibility of behavioral change to teachers` door step. Students spend a lot of time with teachers while a little time is spent with their parents who are scarcely seen at home. However, the role of identifying cognitive display and acumen by students in performing different tasks given to them is noticeable in the school. Teachers identify exemplary behaviors by the total child and keep the record over-time to an obvious level that can be used as reference.


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