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The variability of human head form in India

Bharati:The variability of human head f
Autor: Susmita Bharati / M. Golam Hossain / Premananda Bharati
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In this study, I have culled from various sources almost all the comparable data for cephalic index of different population groups living in different parts of India and have attempted to show that contrary to the general impression brachycephalization is a universal process is not a universal phenomena because in my study, every two population out of three groups have increasing head forms in the course of one, two or three generations. So it can not be concluded as a general conclusion about it and can be treated as a hypothesis and needs further research, which will be the most gratifying and encouraging response. In respect of climatic adaptation, Indian context does not follow the worldwide climatic adaptation model and the same sequence is also found in Bhasin s (1994) and Bhasin & Walter (2001) study may be due to its greater diversity in both biological and cultural spectrum. But the Scheduled tribe population has maintained the general climatic model.


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