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Violence and Teachers

Hatch:Violence and Teachers
Autor: David Hatch
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In early 2003, I was a supervisor for pre-service §teachers. During a visit, I noticed a child's letter-§writing practice asking the then-President Bush to §avenge 9/11 (2001). I asked if the teacher had §noticed what the child wrote and she responded by §telling me she hadnt even looked at them, it was §just practice. I grew up exposed to gang violence, I §taught Kindergarten knowing some of my students §witnessed domestic violence; I know violence affects §children and their healthy development. I wanted to §know how other teachers responded to the types of §violence they believe their students experience. The §only way to know is to ask. This is the culmination §of surveys, interviews and focus groups with pre,- §first year, and veteran classroom teachers from very §different elementary schools. I learned that §responses vary. Violence is an epidemic sickening §children all over the world. I hope this book will §add to or begin the conversation that will result in §how we treat children around the world. They are §more than, "the future." Children are the barometer §by which we measure our goodness. We need to do §better.


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