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Metaphorical Visualization

Aley:Metaphorical Visualization
Autor: Eric Aley
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639418569

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Revision with unchanged content. Multidimensional data sets pose a number of problems for graphs, and their visualizations (in the form of charts, tables, graphs, or more exotic forms like Chernoff faces) generally end up complex, confusing, and difficult to read. Within the limitations of two-dimensional displays, what does it take to visualize three, four, or more dimensions? This research examined several methods already in use, and using some of the principles there, explored one approach to solve these problems. The idea of visual metaphors was develo ped into a series of layers within a CG landscape: each layer independently demonstrating the value of some variable conceptually related to it, but interacting with the others to produce a cohesive whole. A functional installation demonstrating the research was created and operated in real-time to provide a metaphorical representation of the environmental conditions within a building. This book addresses many concepts important in the fields of intuitive or user-interface design, and data comprehension.


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