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Pope Benedict XVI Where Are You?

Kasomo:Pope Benedict XVI Where Are You?
Autor: Daniel W. Kasomo
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Artikelnummer: 672196
ISBN / EAN: 9783843350303

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This book has shown clearly that the struggles surrounding celibacy have worsened. If the church listened to the appeals of Bishops to offer celibacy as an option then today we would be harvesting divine graces. Celibacy has led some priests to commit sins far worse than fornication. Priests are getting married and there is shortage of priests in the church. Your Holiness Pope Benedict XVI you have all it takes to make celibacy optional. Your first priority as the Successor of Peter is unity because Jesus came so that we may be one. Strengthen your brothers the Married Priests who are already in their personal ordinariates on their marks with their mass box getting set for you to call them to full ministry. The Lord has heard their cry and it is the Spirit of the Lord in them speaking to you. The Church has nothing to loose by calling them. Is it wrong to call them to full ministry? Let the world join us in prayer that the arms of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will be opened and he will be gracious and magnanimous as Holy Mother church should be to make celibacy optional and grant ordinariate to married priests. This book is an asset and a must read to all people in the world.


Autor Verlag LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN / EAN 9783843350303 Bindung Taschenbuch

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