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Factors Influencing the Reporting of Child Abuse

Kagbetor:Factors Influencing the Report
Autor: Evans Kwashie Kagbetor
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The purpose of the project was to determine extent to which clergy are influenced by belief in the confidentiality, the type of abuse, denominational policy and dual relationship. The purpose was to determine the influence of clergy's decisions to report to the appropriate authority of child abuse. Results indicate that most clergy would not report child abuse case because of belief in confidentiality and strict adherence to counseling principles. It was found that victim's age, sexual abuse and the presence of physical signs of abuse also significantly affected clergy inclinations to report suspected child abuse. The result also indicates that denominational policies and dual relationship had influence on clergy inclination to report suspected child abuse. It must be noted that the clergy's main concern is the spiritual welfare of the individual. "The pastor as the shepherd of the flock and caretaker of souls" has a great responsibility. The responsibility may have eternal consequences for those in his care. Likewise; he is called to this position for the specific purpose of dealing with the spiritual care of his flock.


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ISBN / EAN 9783659320798 Bindung Taschenbuch

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