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Spinel oxide layers for high temperature fuel cell applications

Mardare:Spinel oxide layers for high te
Autor: Cezarina Cela Mardare
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In the last decades, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)§gained an important place among the alternative§energy production sources. This is due to SOFCs wide§operation temperature range (600-1000 °C) and to the§possibility of using many types of fuels, including§various hydrocarbons. The ferritic stainless steel§interconnect is one of the main components of a SOFC§stack. Interconnects require high electrical§conductivity coatings with blocking properties§against Cr transport from the steel substrate. This§book provides a study of the oxides with spinel§structure obtained by thermal oxidation of Mn-Co-Fe§metallic thin films. The films were deposited by§magnetron co-sputtering on ZMG232L (Hitachi Metals§Ltd.®) ferritic stainless steel. The coatings §properties were studied as a function of annealing§parameters (atmosphere, temperature and time). The§most promising results to be used for stack§applications were obtained for 1 m Mn-Co coatings§deposited on pre-annealed ZMG232L. Low resistivity,§no Cr diffusion and no undesired oxide phases were§detected for these coatings. Based on the electrical§properties, the estimated lifetime of SOFCs using§these coated interconnects is 22000 h.


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ISBN / EAN 9783639149906 Bindung Taschenbuch

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