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How to Hope

Alexander:How to Hope
Autor: Elizabeth Alexander
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639096798

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What is "hope?" How do the thoughts, feelings, and §behaviours of higher hope individuals differ from §those of their lower hope peers? What different §outcomes do these two groups experience and what §contribution does hope appear to make to them? These §are some of the questions addressed in this book. §Using grounded theory methodology, Dr. Alexander has §produced an inductively-derived model of hope §comprising five themes: 1) The Initiating Context §involving perceptions of challenge and uncertainty; §2) Temporal Comparisons concerning imagining a §desired future, being dissatisfied with the present, §and drawing on past lessons; 3) Developing Strategies§including setting goals based on values, planning, §and taking action; 4) Drawing on Personal and Social §Resources; and 5) an Openness and Flexibility about §Outcomes that includes benefit-finding. §Investigating hope from an interdisciplinary §perspective by drawing on understanding expressed in §philosophical, theological, psychiatric, nursing, §psychological and "lay" literatures, Dr. Alexander §has lifted the veil on the complex yet vital human §resource we call "hope."


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