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To the extreme boundary of space

Lietzmann:To the extreme boundary of sp
Autor: Nora Sophie Lietzmann
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639056044

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Most conflicts of the past centuries and many issues§the world community faces today stem from old claims§of nationalism and all it encompasses, exhibiting its§pulling power. But even though nationalism is the§ruling passion of our age, it is on its last legs ,§as Arjun Appadurai claims. The majority of§territorial states around the globe are not one§nation but carry only a thin veneer of shared§national identity which amounts to little more than§official discourse and covers up diversity within§this not-so-correctly perceived community.§Postnationalism as modern political and social§counter-ideology is centred on plurality, an open§take on belonging, and solidarity. After discussing§the nationalist creed and the conception of§postnationalism, this study locates an early example§of the latter in Joyce s novel 'Ulysses'. The§presented literary deconstruction of dominant§national discourses shows how the postnation is an§outcome not of modern globalisation but of the§failure of 19th and 20th century European§nation-ness. This work serves as introduction into§postnational theory as much as it presents a new§reading of the political concepts in Joyce s§acclaimed work of fiction.


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