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Between Myth and Nihilism

Domanov,O.:Between Myth and Nihilism
Autor: Oleg Domanov
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Jean-Luc Nancy is known to be one of the principal contributors to postmodern theory of community. This book examines Nancy's concept of community as it is presented in his two books "The Sense of the World" and "The Inoperative Community". To obviate both myth and nihilism, Nancy suggests a concept of community based on the ontology of event. At the same time, he proceeds from the experience of addressing and exposing, which in fact exceeds this ontology. Moreover, it implies different ethical attitude - addressing/exposing and establishing ties with others instead of maintaining flowing identity (openness toward the coming). Therefore, Nancy's approach - in spite of his own intention - demonstrates the impossibility of reducing community to ontology. Community calls for the deciding subject, the one who is not merely an effect of differance but devotes her- or himself to the very project of "being-together".§§The book is intended for those interested in philosophy, literary and political studies, as well as French studies.


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