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Pedro Almodóvar

Davis:Pedro Almodóvar
Autor: Kellyemma Davis
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639196252

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As Almodóvar is undoubtedly the most internationally acclaimed Spanish director of the last thirty years, one could claim that he is a cultural symbol of the hugely successful Spanish transition to democracy. He has represented Spain's social tranformation in cinematografhic form. In this book I propose to analyze his artistic output, concentrating mainly on his cinematographic work, which has earned him the widest acclaim. I intend to examine his works in terms of a symbolic journey which I will explain briefly. Almodóvar's work is hugely symbolic and I intend to examine his use of symbolism and themes which have often brought him on a spiritual and cultural journey over the years, culminating in 'Volver' which means 'to return'. The release of this film illustrates a symbolic, circular progression and development in his work, where he seems to have come to terms with not only his own past but the history of his country. As a mature director he can now accept and appreciate some of Spain's traditions. From the rich to the poor, Punks to Goths, men to women...his work is bound to leave you at the edge of your seat. Viva Almodóvar!


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