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Curatorial Practices at the Rijksmuseum

Suarez:Curatorial Practices at the Rijk
Autor: Nicole M. Neville Suarez
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Curatorial practices are shifting due to recent §changes in the focus and structure of U.S. art §museums (Brenson, 1998; Bryk, 2001; Willumson, §2007). As a result, curators experience conflicts §due to a loss of their original audience, the §collapse of their traditional hierarchy, new staff §roles in museums, and the museum s focus on visitors §rather than art objects (Weil, 2003; Willumson, §2007). Using a reconceptualized framework developed §by van Mensch (1990), this study qualitatively §explored curatorial practices at the Rijksmuseum in §Amsterdam. The main data included four in-depth §interviews with senior curators, observations at the §Museum, and documents evaluation. The study §uncovered how equality and collaboration among §curators and staff can fulfill museum functions and §may help resolve certain conflicts. It also revealed §how in some cases curators can maintain their §traditional functions while serving the broader §public through the creation of exhibitions that §facilitate education and provide meaningful §connections. As a non-U.S. institution, the §Rijkmuseum s curatorial practices provided insight §regarding problems experienced by U.S. art curators.


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