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Aspects on the Management of Labour Conflicts in Health and Education

Bunaciu:Aspects on the Management of La
Autor: Mircea Vasile Bunaciu
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In this paper, the issue of labour disputes in the organizational entities of public administration in general, and those in education and healthcare in particular was treated from general to specific and vice versa, starting from the national economic system, namely the tertiary sector, to the local community, exemplifying it through public education and healthcare institutions. At the same time, an important contribution was brought to the elucidation of matters regarding "labour disputes", both from the point of view of management science, and in terms of labour law. Thus it is necessary to mention that: management should be understood as the formal leader's attitude to achieve performances in the activity of the organizational entity with the people's help; labour disputes are those misunderstandings between the staff and public entities with whom they have signed individual employment contracts. The grounds for these conflicts is unsettled professional, social or economic claims or the failure to grant the rights that spring from labour legislation, from the collective agreement or the individual employment contract.


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