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Dell: Can Rivals Beat Its Strategy?

Schwießelmann:Dell: Can Rivals Beat Its
Autor: Jürgen Schwießelmann
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Scholarly Research Paper from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Operations Research, printed single-sided, grade: 1,3, University of applied sciences, Munich, language: English, abstract: Today Dell is a huge global player in the information technology (IT) industryand offers a wide product range from personal computers (PC), notebooks,monitors, printers, scanner, plasma and LCD TVs, projectors, storage andserver systems. Dell provides their products and services for individualcustomers and businesses. Over the last years Dell had enormous grow ratesand could compete their competitors. But the international competition becomesstronger today and Dell has to stand against different competitors in allbusiness segments. Can Dell therefore continue its success story and beat itscompetition? This assignment tries to present an answer.In this assignment the internal and external factors which are effecting Dell sbusiness are analyzed. Further the leadership qualities of Michael Dell andDell s strategy will be evaluated. In addition Dell s strengths, weaknesses,opportunities, threats, the competitive environment and the financialperformance will be analysed to come up with the development of a suitablestrategy to help the company to improve its strengths and to beat out thecompetition.Dell s position in the competitive environment was evaluated and it was shownthat Dell has all possibilities to beat out its competition. Dell exhibited anoutstanding financial performance over the period of 1998-2006. For the futureDell should apply following strategies: continuously improvement of existingcore elements to keep the competitive advantage; try other distribution channelsto reach broader customer base; the development and product innovation inPC, server and storage area needs to be pushed to be competitive; Dell shouldintensify the strategic alliances further and should try to boost acquisition ofsmall companies or rivals to strengthen competitive capability; expansion of theservice group should be pursued and Dell should look for possibilities tooptimize the two manufacturing plants in China to gain market share andrevenue increase.


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