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Of Strokes & Shades

Rubin:Of Strokes & Shades
Autor: Laura H. Rubin / 3dtotal Publishing
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Veröffentlicht am: 05.04.2023
Artikelnummer: 2599328
ISBN / EAN: 9781912843602

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With many of her subjects rendered in hyper realistic style, wearing a second skin of black paint or dark-florals, Laura Rubin's art is unmistakeable.

To tell the story behind her art, Laura begins the book by sharing her journey from art student to professional artist, providing encouragement for budding pros and enthusiasts alike. Laura also talks about what inspires her, with mythology and psychology being just two subjects that feed into her emotion-infused work. The reader is then invited behind the scenes to watch the artist at work in her studio, located in her hometown of Thun, Switzerland.

Laura's portraiture sketchbook is opened to reveal simple drawings and recent studies made as the early stages of future paintings. Throughout these sections are artworks from past and present. In addition, there is brand new art by Laura, created exclusively for this book.

Finally, the reader is led through detailed, step-by-step tutorials demonstrating the artist's workflow and the key fundamentals of portraiture (pose, light, and composition). From using reference models, and expert tips for working in Procreate, to sketching, coloring, and advancing the portrait from realism to hyperrealism, the process is explained from start to finish.


Autor Verlag 3dtotal Publishing
ISBN / EAN 9781912843602 Bindung Hardcover

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