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Jewish Timisoara - more than a guide

Neumann:Jewish Timisoara - European Cap
Autor: Getta Neumann
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Veröffentlicht am: 29.11.2022
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ISBN / EAN: 9783949583070

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The guidebook Jewish Timisoara tells the story of the local Jewish community over the centuries. It is the result of the constant research and lifelong passion of Mrs Getta Neumann, a personality whose illustrious roots in the Jewish community of Timisoara impart significance and authenticity to the benchmarks identified during her journey to rediscover Timisoara from this cultural-historical perspective.Timisoara City Council "More than a guide" indeed, the book, a real encyclopedia, evokes the history of a community impressive not because of its size (Jews were but a "small" community), but because of the achievements of its members in all areas, from economy to art. This professional architect, for one, appreciates the precision and elegance of the author's architectural descriptions.Architect Mihai OprisI am convinced that this book is fundamental for the city of Timisoara and for the local Jewry. Getta Neumann, Chief Rabbi Dr Ernest Neumann's daughter, achieved an enduring work, providing clear and precise information about the life of a great community, based on its tangible traces in this town. Many thanks for the time and e ort she devoted to this project, which is meaningful for all of us! Luciana FriedmannGetta Neumann's vademecum+ highlights both the creative and dynamic genius of the Jewish community and the city that intrinsically bears the imprint of multiculturalism and interculturalism.Viorel MarineasaGetta Neumann was raised in a Jewish family in Timisoara. Her main focus for the past 20 years has been to rediscover and preserve the cultural heritage of the Jewish Community of Timisoara. She published life stories of Jews from Timisoara in Destine evreiesti la Timisoara (2014, 2nd edition 2018), wrote a study on Jewish high schools and various other articles about Jewish life. - Historical reference points- Synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery- City tours with detailed descriptions of the sights- Companies and businesses- Religious, social and cultural life- Rites and customs- Jewish personalities and life stories- Old and new photos and postcards- Custom city maps- Detailed information about Jewish architects- Index of names- Other useful information


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