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Vittoria Colonna Authenticity of a Petrarchist Poet

Dr. Musiol:Vittoria Colonna Authenticit
Autor: Maria Musiol
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Veröffentlicht am: 01.12.2020
Artikelnummer: 2338916
ISBN / EAN: 9783753124391

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This First Systematic Representation of her Poetry (Macrothemes and Sonnets), together with the Historical and Belletristic Biographies is my Trilogy dedicated to Vittoria Colonna.
After the Publication of a Historical Biography of Vittoria Colonna ( A Woman's Renaissance) based on thirty years of Empirical Research of all accessible primary texts (mostly Latin!) and grounded on her letters and sonnets, and after publishing a Belletristic Biography (Shakespeare's Spirited Sister), THIS FIRST (!) SYSTEMATIC REPRESENTATION of MACROTHEMES of VITTORIA COLONNA'S POETRY, which are mirrored in exemplary sonnets; rendered in the Italian original, in English translations, and explained in text-centred interpretations according to classical rules, TRACES this outstanding Female Personality of Renaissance-Humanism not only as an adherent of the Italian Reformation but also in her Female Authenticity she used to suggest on the meta-level of her sonnets by refined poetological means, MY ULTIMATE AIM being to unfold this Singular Female Personality in her Timeless Humanism and in the full wealth of the mental complexity of her Renaissance Personality, instead of streamlining her to a Petrarchan "woman writer " of the Cinquecento or even worse to "a secularized nun" of the Italian Reformation in a Shadowy Afterlife.


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