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More than a Muse

McCabe:More than a Muse
Autor: Katie McCabe
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Veröffentlicht am: 19.02.2020
Artikelnummer: 2318178
ISBN / EAN: 9781787134119

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Profiles of great women, too long overshadowed by their writer or artist husbands, boyfriends and lovers
How many times have you seen a woman artist solely referred to as the wife, girlfriend, muse, or 'mistress' of a man in the public eye?

Throughout history, the achievements of women working across artistic disciplines - from visual artists to writers to filmmakers - have been largely undervalued, with the
title of 'genius' reserved mainly for men. More than a Muse unpacks the complex romantic relationships that left women overshadowed, anonymous or underestimated in their work. Katie McCabe shines a light on the stories of talents like photographer Dora Maar, pioneering film editor and Hitchcock-collaborator Alma Reville, jazz pianist Lil Hardin Armstrong and many more.

Exploring a broad scope of art movements and moments from Surrealism to early British silent film, Katie reexamines the contributions of women that have too often been ignored. More than a Muse views our history through the lens of artistic partnership, and positions women solidly in the foreground.


Autor Verlag Hardie Grant Books UK
ISBN / EAN 9781787134119 Bindung Hardcover

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