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Think Like a Parent, Don't Act Like One

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This 5th edition of the successful Think Like a.... series gives advice on the well-known daily struggles you experience as a working parent. In the same format as its predecessors, the book contains 75 inspiring lessons that aim to relieve parents from their stress, put things in perspective and provide a sense of humour. The you listen because I say so method of the middle of last century has now been replaced by a culture of respect for every child, at the same time making the uniform rules disappear. The author of Think Like a Parent, Don't Act Like One continues on this path and approaches child raising from certain key values, such as bonding, safety, trust and innovation. Key values that have also proved their worth in business life. Someone who cares well for the family, is a good manager at their work. Each lesson is illustrated through a situation or anecdote and gives you tips on parenting, ensuring a better balance between work and family life. It shows you how to recharge your battery and be fit and focused at work and at home.


Autor Verlag BIS Publishers
ISBN / EAN 9789063695019 Bindung Taschenbuch

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