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The Handmaid's Tale (Graphic Novel)

Atwood:The Handmaid's Tale (Graphic Nov
Autor: Margaret Atwood / Renée Nault
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Veröffentlicht am: 06.05.2019
Artikelnummer: 2311606
ISBN / EAN: 9780385539241

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The stunning graphic novel adaptation A must-read and collector s item for fans of the patron saint of feminist dystopian fiction (New York Times).
Look for The Testaments, the sequel to The Handmaid s Tale, coming September 2019.
In Margaret Atwood s dystopian future, environmental disasters and declining birthrates have led to a Second American Civil War. The result is the rise of the Republic of Gilead, a totalitarian regime that enforces rigid social roles and enslaves the few remaining fertile women. Offred is one of these, a Handmaid bound to produce children for one of Gilead s commanders. Deprived of her husband, her child, her freedom, and even her own name, Offred clings to her memories and her will to survive.

Provocative, startling, prophetic, The Handmaid s Tale has long been a global phenomenon. With this beautiful graphic novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood s modern classic, beautifully realized by artist Renée Nault, the terrifying reality of Gilead has been brought to vivid life like never before.


Autor Verlag Penguin Random House
ISBN / EAN 9780385539241 Bindung Hardcover

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