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Rubberized Geopolymer Concrete

Luhar:Rubberized Geopolymer Concrete
Autor: Salmabanu Luhar
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Artikelnummer: 2286071
ISBN / EAN: 9786138932680

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Burgeoning global population has created an exigency for more infrastructures. Rubberized Geopolymer concrete is innovative; user and eco-benevolent invention in the field of building material which requires lesser energy with low Carbon footprint in manufacturing as compared to cement-based system mitigating global warming dilemma. It addresses the quandary of disposal of gargantuan rubber tires waste through incorporating it as partial replacement of natural fine aggregate in its production, thus, saves depleting natural mineral aggregates and safeguards against pollutions of air, water, soil and health hazards. Empirical evidences through lab experiments of diverse significant parameters of mechanical strengths, durability, and microstructures has been crafted. Under laboratory investigations, this innovative concrete has exhibited superb characteristics and hence, seems capable enough to offer itself as a viable, affordable, durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, fire-resistant, potentially promising building material for "To Live Green". This book will be useful to researchers and construction engineers looking for novel green building materials for structural applications.


Autor Verlag Scholar's Press
ISBN / EAN 9786138932680 Bindung Taschenbuch

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