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Ryanair. SWOT Analysis of the Leading Low Fare Airline

Düsseldorf:Ryanair. SWOT Analysis of th
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Seminar paper from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 2,7, , course: Strategic Management, language: English, abstract: Ryanair is Europe's leading low cost airline and offers the lowest fares on the airline market. But the question is how the small Irish company can count 103,000,000 international passengers in the fiscal year 2015, only 30 years after having been established. Why does Ryanair have a high recognition value for its brand, despite doing the advertising in-house and distributing only by using online channels? What is more, Ryanair does not offer customer loyalty programs, they do not have free drinks or food on-board; they even do not need external cleansing power for their fleet. And why no other low cost airline, like Easyjet or Lufthansa's subsidiary Germanwings, overtook Ryanair's competitive advantage to set the prices on the market? Actually they tried, but it still not working. What is so unique about the Irish Airline and how successful they compete with the airlines until today, will be demonstrated further in this assignment using the SWOT analysis.


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