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Factors affecting News Reporting in East Africa. A Focus on the "Ethiopian Herald" and Kenyan "Daily Nation"

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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2016 in the subject Communications - Journalism, Journalism Professions, grade: Very Good, Addis Ababa University (Social Sciences), language: English, abstract: This research investigated into the factors that detract news reporting in East Africa, focusing on the Ethiopian Herald and Kenyan Daily Nation. To attain this objective, mixed research approach had been employed. More specifically, in depth interviews, questionnaires and content analysis were integrated. The data then were analyzed concurrently using simple descriptive method and narration. The results have shown that there are internal and external factors that detract news reporting. News value, perception of journalists, and editorial interests are found major internal factors that create detraction while government influences, NGOs and other private profit making companies are identified as external factors. To mend these detractive factors the newsrooms need to work based on their editorial policies and need to ensure their editorial independence. African academia of journalism and newsrooms in general need to work in close proximity and better hammer on what African journalism should look like. Equally, press freedom is vital to build a sustainable nation-state. Thus, governments have to leave adequate space to media people so that they can carry out their jobs freely and professionally.


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