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Corporate Culture and Leadership in an Advertising Agency

Jentl-Jenewein:Corporate Culture and Le
Autor: Anita Jentl-Jenewein
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Seminar paper from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: A+ 100%, Klagenfurt University (IFM - Institute for Management GmbH), language: English, abstract: This paper deals with the interaction between corporate culture and leadership and is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. Hereby, a business approach is taken. The theoretical part covers common definitions and structures of corporate culture and leadership. The practical section looks at the corporate culture of the advertising agency Jenewein Flow and analyses the influence of leadership on such culture. The paper is aimed at applying learned theories to practice and mapping out the success factor "vision and corporate culture" for the leadership role.

Every company develops its own culture. Whether it is consciously managed or simply forms naturally, where there are people, there is culture. Corporate culture can also be equated to behaviour programmes, which is created, influenced, and changed by leadership. Thus, successful management requires awareness of this and the creation, communication, management an, last but not least, practice of a homogenous corporate culture. It is equally important that the leadership authentically represents defined visions, in order to meet aspirations towards which employees can and ought to orient themselves. If this only takes place half-heartedly, they may run into danger of merely becoming hollow words of marketing management. In a socio-economic transition phase, the conscious creation, management and change of corporate culture are becoming increasingly important, since old, hierarchical leaderships models are obsolete.

Leadership and corporate culture are closely interconnected. This is neither new nor revolutionary, but in times of management rethinking, this frequently crucial factor is shifting back into the centre of attention.


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