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From Individual to Collective

Nasu:From Individual to Collective
Autor: Masako Nasu
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ISBN / EAN: 9783034321211

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This book uses the narrative modes representing thought employed in Virginia Woolf's works, from The Voyage Out to Between the Acts , to demonstrate that Woolf's creative works can be divided into two groups, one characterized as "the pursuit of the individual" and the second as "the pursuit of the collective".<br />
This book argues that a profound shift can be found in the works of Virginia Woolf, from an early "pursuit of the individual" to a late "pursuit of the collective". Evidence for this shift is found both in the narrative modes she employed and the methods by which thought is represented in the works themselves, and in ideas and ruminations found in Woolf's diaries and essays. The stylistic analysis covers works from The Voyage Out (1915) to the posthumously published Between the Acts (1941), and shows how several of the shorter pieces can be considered to be experiments with techniques that were fully employed in Woolf's longer, major fictions. This shift arises from changes in Woolf's concept of the conscious and unconscious over time, and the argument shows how she took deliberate steps to reflect these changes in her fiction. This framework provides key insights for new interpretations of her works.


Autor Verlag Peter Lang Ltd. International Academic Publishers
ISBN / EAN 9783034321211 Bindung Taschenbuch

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