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The Business of Plastic Surgery

Korman:The Business of Plastic Surgery
Autor: Joshua Korman / Heather J. Furnas
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ISBN / EAN: 9781626239722

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This incomparable guide optimizes a career in plastic surgery from medical school through retirement!

Long years of demanding clinical training produce masters in the OR who often receive no instruction in the art of practice management or fundamental business topics. The Business of Plastic Surgery: Navigating a Successful Career, Second Edition, by Joshua Korman and Heather Furnas, spotlights recent innovations, including advances in technology, digital marketing, and practice trends in private, group, and academic medicine. Aspects of plastic surgery rarely written about in textbooks include thoughtful perspectives on underrepresentation by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender.

Every conceivable aspect of establishing and growing a thriving plastic surgery practice is covered, including motivation of staff, effective management, and financial oversight. From sample group contracts to formulas for vetting machine ROI, the tools included serve as a compass in navigating every step along the way-from medical school and residency to early, mid, and late career, through transitions in and out of the profession.

Key Features

An all-star list of contributors share expertise, trade secrets, and clinical pearls-from board-certified plastic surgeons and practice managers to lawyers and consultants

A wide variety of useful topics include landing a first job, thriving in academic practice, setting up a practice, running a successful medspa, and planning for retirement

Discussion of sensitive issues relevant to practice today include preventing and overcoming physician burnout and achieving work-life balance

The forthright insights and experiences that these seasoned professionals share will enable all plastic surgeons to practice smarter. This extraordinary resource is essential reading for every aspiring plastic and aesthetic surgeon, individuals starting in practice, and those along the full arc of a career.

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