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Piano Junior: Duettbuch. Bd.4

Heumann:Piano Junior: Duettbuch 4
Autor: Hans-Günter Heumann / Leopé
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ISBN / EAN: 9783795706159

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Duettbuch 4 completes the method with 14 pieces for piano duet which are fun to play. The spectrum of pieces ranges from classical compositions (Diabelli, Mozart, Schumann, Türk) to easy pop pieces (blues, rock).

piano (4 hands)
Duet book for Piano Junior Vol. 4

- The ideal companion to the Piano Junior Piano Method Vol. 4
- Contains 14 easy duets, arranged according to difficulty
- Facilitates duet playing from the very first lessons

To teach children to have fun learning to play the piano - that is the goal of the new piano method Piano Junior for children aged 6+ by Hans-Günter Heumann!

In this novel concept of a total of 4x4 editions, the adorable robot "PJ" accompanies the little pianists through the first years of lessons together with his dog "Mozart" and their three friends. The joy and fun of music are in the foreground, and progress is audible soon.

Accompanying website with various additional material:
The special feature of this textbook is the accompanying website as part of the method: Videos show the way to the correct technique, audio recordings help to practise the pieces, exercise sheets and additional material offer more opportunities to deepen the content.

Cautious and child-friendly approach:
The method progresses in cautious steps, which are consolidated and deepened with numerous exercises and playing material. Musicality and creativity are conveyed through playing from the very beginning. For piano teachers, the PDF brochure "Pedagogical Background" with all the information is available on the website.

Comprehensive concept - modern and flexible:
Each volume of the piano method comes with three accompanying booklets, each with a wide range of working material and suitable pieces of music for varied lessons that meet the different needs of the pupils:

- Piano Method 4 (ED 22764)
- Theory Book 4 (ED 22774)
- Duet Book 4 (ED 22784)
- Concert Book 4 (ED 22794)

piano (4 hands)


Autor Verlag Schott Music, Mainz
ISBN / EAN 9783795706159 Bindung Taschenbuch

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