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Paris or Die

Tuttle:Paris or Die
Autor: Jayne Tuttle
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ISBN / EAN: 9781741176742

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Part rom com, part travel memoir, this is one woman's story of losing her heart and her head (almost quite literally) in Paris
In Paris Or Die , Jayne Tuttle is a young Australian in Paris. Living in a converted seventeenth-century monastery and studying at a prestigious theatre school, she is trying to escape the pain of a loss back home by immersing herself in the city's extremes.

The beauty. The grime. The madness and humour, the sights and songs, the streets turning white overnight. A friendship with a flamboyant artist. A relationship with a Frenchman too beautiful to be real.

Nothing in her Paris seems to follow rhyme or reason - not her heart, her thoughts or the course of events. And least of all the bizarre accident that nearly ends it all when she narrowly avoid decapitation in a lift shaft...

Jayne Tuttle's memoir vibrates with a rawness and immediacy that lifts you off the page and into a Paris beyond the postcards. Warm, funny and uncompromising, Paris or Die revels in the highs and lows of life in the City of Light.


Autor Verlag Hardie Grant Books UK
ISBN / EAN 9781741176742 Bindung Taschenbuch

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